Unicorn Shawty: On Cooking…

Well well whale! I am the most slack blogger on the planet. Real life really gets in the way and then I look up and it’s been over a month since I’ve posted. So here we are and I’m not even talking about fashion. As a self proclaimed food designer and a highly visual person. I just like things that looks good, Including my food. Yes, I plate my food like it being served in a restaurant. Yes, I only like serving my food on white plates because it looks better (and better for taking pics). To give you some background my mom used to own a restaurant and so did my uncle and they are both great chefs. My mother always taught me the importance of flavors, using quality ingredients, and that eating is 80% visual so it has to LOOK good. I’m sure my mom thinks that I don’t listen to her sometimes growing up but that lesson sure stuck with me.

I haven’t always been a great cook. I actually learned how to to cook really well because I wanted to impress this guy I was dating in college. I was making all kinds of stuff trying to reel Shawty in… It kinda worked 🙂 Then after college and when I moved back to California I really started to embrace this therapeutic (yes cooking can be therapy) skill I have. On top of me being a foodie and just loving culture,food is my way of traveling without having to leave home (because broke be like). I also like to cook as a way of decompressing. Concentrating on a recipe and focusing on each step until completion helps me clear my mind (sounds weird but it works). Which it what I tell people when I try to explain why don’t I do it for a living. I do like to entertain  (ie dinner parties) but I don’t want to make something that is relaxing to me into a career or job. However I may turn my joy for entertaining into something. Anyway enough about my feelings. Some sites I absolutely love looking for dishes to make are Blue Apron, Epicurious, Carnal Dish, Pintrest, and Bon Appetit  Take a look at some pics…. That’s what you want to see anyway.


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