Don’t Tell Me What to Wear!


Style and Fashion is something that I have always had a connection to. I was having a conversation with a friend on Friday night and the subject of personal style came up and how that resonates with me. I believe for most of my life I have had a strong sense of ownership over my style. As a child I felt like that was the only thing that I actually had control over at the time. Like most kids I had to go to school, do chores, had extra curricular activities that I was forced to do (shout out to Chess Club and Soccer). Everything was planned out for me…naturally.

So although my mom bought and picked out my clothes and from K to about 2nd grade I wore what she laid out for me. I decided that one day enough was ENOUGH. I wanted to dress myself and pick out my own clothes. So after several heavy debates with my mother she finally decided to allow me to be creative director of my style. After that it was on! I was so serious about getting dressed that I  even made sure that my socks coordinated with  my look of the day. I remember having so much pride and being really thoughtful about how I presented myself to the world even at a young age. This philosophy has carried me through my style evolution as an adult as still continue to discover who I am and what my  personal style means to me.
I’ve always looked at my personal style as apart of my art and creative process. There are definitive steps I noticed that I go through when thinking about what to put on for the day. I think about my mood, weather, color, comfort, even the music mood I am in. All of these factors contribute to this art which is very much apart of who I am.
We are all art in our own way and art can translate to so many different avenues.
Whats your art?
How to do you express it?

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