Out The Box: The Rise Of Sneaker Culture

This past week I took an adventure to the Oakland Museum which is conveniently located in my hood to check out the exhibit on Sneaker Culture. I was really excited about seeing this because I have had a long standing love affair with sneakers and streetwear.  If you have been following my blog for a while that’s def obvious. Due to this longstanding love I had abnormally high expectations for my trip. However It was low-key disappointing once I started my walk through the exhibit. I would say at best that this exhibit is for the occasional sneaker head who has a 101 knowledge of sneaker culture. Albeit there were some highlights like the Obama Air force 1 and every single Jordan ever made, but other than that it was like walking through a shoe store.

The reason why I was underwhelmed was because I wanted to see more about the social and design significance that sneaker culture has had society from everything from sports to music. I wanted it to be more of a education and celebration. Even highlight athletes, musicians and designers who have pushed the culture forward and it just wasn’t that. The exhibit is here until April 12th, if you have a free Sunday or Friday night go take a look for yourself. The first Sunday of the month is donation based so you pay what you want or Friday nights are discounted and they have a plethora of great food trucks where you can have dinner before or after you visit the museum (win!) more details Here.  Check out some videos from my visit and if you’ve been what did you think?

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