Happy Birthday “Big Pimpin”

Today arguably the song that some people saved Vol. 3 turns 17. I distinctly remember when this song came out. I was a sophomore in highschool and very deep into my relationship with rap. Jay-Z was (and still is) my favorite rapper at the time. My first experience with the song was by seeing the video. Which is probably one of the best rap videos ever (IMO). From that day on I knew one of my spirit animals was a rapper. I wear two gold chains to THIS DAY, I love champagne, and I enjoy the occasional flex. That video was all of those things and if I could have Hype Williams direct the documentary of my life I would. ┬áSo make sure you play “Big Pimpin” at ignorant levels today (with the lost verse if you feeling froggy) and make it a good one!


“on a canopy, my stamina be…”

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