Happy Monday?

Well……Monday is def doing is typical thing and acting like a Monday. So here’s some things to make the day better and change the tone for the week if you need it like I do!

  1. Light Candles and Meditate. Meditation has become a staple in my life in keeping me focused and managing stress. I like to meditate before I go to bed to help set the tone for my sleep and the following day. However if you are having a day like mine you may want to go out to your car (if you’re at work) and take 5. I really like THIS 5 min guided meditation that helps align your chakras. I literally vibrate after I’m done  and feel ready to face the rest of the day. If I am at home, I really enjoy lighting candles generally but I also like to light them while I am meditating. I am really into these candles from Angelic Rose Essentials. Not only are they beautiful to look at they smell amazing even after blowing them out. The Postiano and ocean drive scents are sure to help with dealing with the “Mondays”.fullsizerender_33__62045-1485141747-500-659

2.Take a walk and listen to music. Taking a short (or long) walk can also help de stress, get you some vitamin D (wear sunscreen tho), and clear your mind to kick the rest of the day’s ass. Add my jam week to your playlist and hit the pavement!

3. Cook for yourself. I find cooking to be extremely therapeutic. I get to zone out and focus on the ingredients, tap into my creativity, and work towards a edible final product.  I look at cooking and plating food as an art form so I also want my finished product to taste and look IG worthy at all times. Try this recipe from one of my favorite chefs @chefResha! It’s easy to follow and CRAZY good!

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