The Glow Up: Why you need Rose Water in your life.


The amount of time I spend on my AM and PM skincare routine may be borderline out of control. However the results that I am getting from being serious about my skin are WORTH the time I put in into it. A product that has become a staple in both my AM and PM routine is Rose Water. I use it as a toner right after I cleanse my face and prep for the next steps of my routine. If you are not familiar with the purpose of the toner step; it is mainly for restoring the PH balance in your skin and controls oil. I need both of these attributes since I have combo acne prone skin and every little bit helps. In addition it adds  moisture that could be lost in the cleansing step. I have also read that the scent of rose water can help with stabilizing your mood (I must say I def feel elevated after dousing my face with it.) Also depending on what style my hair is in (not straight)  I will spray some on my scalp for the same care and benefits my face (and neck please don’t neglect your neck) get.

Now there’s plenty of rose water toners out there. I prefer ones that are as close to natural as possible without a lot of added ingredients.  So for pre-made rose water my go to’s are the following:


Both of these work great! And I see a difference in the texture and moisture level of my skin when using. My skin is smoother and brighter for sure. You can also make your own rose water which I also like to do when I have extra time and want to get ritualistic with it. Here is a great video from one of my favorite women Princess Nokia with her method and philosophy behind it which I think is empowering , sexy, and practical:


Give it a shot and let me know what you think. And if you are already using it, I’d love to hear how it’s helped and worked for you 🙂

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