Make Monday Great! Podcast Edition.

Yup, the weekend is over, you are back at work, and you don’t want to be. Thankfully I have some Podcasts for you to listen to so that you can survive the day (and week). These ladies will keep you entertained and informed as you thug the work week out.


First up we have “Stage 30” (@stage30_). This show is all about life when you hit 30 and the things we go through as women in order to continue to glow and grow. Su and Tray cover a wide range of topics like money, dating, beauty, you name it. The episodes are always  laced with colorful and insightful commentary that will have you trying to chime in as you are listening (I do it all the time). They post new episodes every Sunday to get you right and ready for the week. Take a listen  to their latest episode below!


Next up we have “Mmhmm, girl” (@mmhmmgirl). Self described as the “podcast with lots of sass,” it that and so much more. Babs and Lola are super candid and make you feel like you are at your homegirl’s house drinking a cocktail while you listen. They discuss everything from politics to sex and get lit while doing so. There are also fun stories they share from what’s going on in their lives that just keep the listener engaged. So grab a drink (not on work hours unless that’s cool) and breeze through your work week with these ladies. Latest episode below!

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