Get to Manifesting…Money!




Today I got paid…And then even though I wanted to buy some Nike Uptempos I paid bills instead. This is also a rent check :-/ .So let’s just say I’m going to have to get creative in the kitchen and in life to keep this party going. However that doesn’t mean I can move and shake in life even when things get tight. Part of keeping your eyes on the prize is having a positive mindset and attitude. To help me stay on track  for a while now I have been listening to the teachings of Abraham Hicks who is the master teacher of the law of attraction. She is what the popular book “The Secret” was inspired by. If you haven’t read or watched the film please check it out.  

There are tons of videos on YouTube on various subjects that she covers that are super enlightening and guaranteed to get you into a positive mind set. I try to listen to one every day on my morning commute to set the tone for the day. I just pick a title that resonates and usually it’s the exact message I needed to hear. In true form today was a piece about money, which is a subject we can ALL relate to. Whether it’s a lack of or you want to promote more prosperity in your life, this talk is a great way to influence your thinking about the subject. I won’t go into too much detail but take a listen and share your thoughts with me in the comments!

Now go get your money! It’s yours!

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