Required Reading: Tomboy BKLYN



Boy do I love cool sh*t. Like really love it, especially when I can identify with the vibe and the message. Thanks to my good friend @iso14below over at I have found a mag that I know is going to super pop.  10 year design veterans in the fashion industry Elizabeth and Ashta are on a mission to empower the progressive and stylish “tomboy”. By offering a magazine that honors that spirit and style for women.

I can resonate with the direction that this publication is going in. It’s almost like they crawled into my head and decided to make a magazine based on my thoughts. Make sure you follow Tomboy BKLYN HERE, HERE, and HERE and check out their site. They also have a dope crewneck (because you ALL should know by now that I love me a creweck) that you should cop. Here are some items below I thought were hot as well.




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