I Only F*ck With Goddeses….

I get so excited when people put me onto brands that I had no idea existed and end up really liking. Before I tell you about this designer I have to first tell you that my little sister put me on or she will slander me. She says I also had to say #lilsisputmeon

Ok, now that that is out the way Amber Ibarreche is someone you need to get to know. My sister sent me the link to her site this morning and as I am scrolling through the products, I kept saying “Oh! I want that, Oh! I needs that!”. She has everything from witty tees and sweatshirts to posters as well. I had so many favorites! Especially the sweatshirt above (mmm crewnecks).  I will definitely be copping a shirt or five. Check out my picks below and browse the site. Make sure you tell them me (and my sister) sent you. 😉



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