Spending Everything on Alexander Wang…


Fashion week is underway folks. Which means we are looking ahead at what Spring 2015 has to offer us. Fashion is so fast, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what season we are looking at. I mean I am still trying to finalize my Fall and Winter looks (operation dress like Kanye). Anyway I have been taking a look at the shows and gathering my thoughts and feelings. So far so good I would say. Nothing I that wanted to write home about with the exception of a few. Case in point Alexander Wang. With a looming collaboration with H&M dropping soon, he made sure that Fashion Week was not left off the agenda.

The element that excited me the most about Wang’s collection and the reason why I’m even making this post was the inspiration behind it. Sneakers! Which is a perfect angle. You can see elements from classic shoes like the recently discontinued Jordan 3’s (RIP) to the Adidas Stan Smith colorway. The collection is sporty and elegant, even the most hardcore sneaker head who is not into high fashion would appreciate the homage. It’s classic, sexy, fun, and futuristic at the same time. The only thing I wasn’t loving were the handbags, only because personally they are not classic enough to withstand the trend but still; Wang Swagged Fashion Week out with this one, check out my top looks below. And more on Style.com



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