I Only F*ck With Goddeses….

I get so excited when people put me onto brands that I had no idea existed and end up really liking. Before I tell you about this designer I have to first tell you that my little sister put me on or she will slander me. She says I also had to say #lilsisputmeon

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Locally Fresh: Porsche W.



I am a self proclaimed introvert until I have some Hennessy. Which is why on a sunny Sunday afternoon I saw Porsche while turning up at a day party and was able to talk to a then stranger. Her style was magnetic, you could tell just by looking at her that getting dressed for her was effortless. So of course she had to be the next installment in my “Locally Fresh” series. This time around I used “Ralph” and shot Porsche myself. I was also able to ask her some questions and talk style for a bit. Check out the interview below and get to know this “Chic Little Hippie” better.

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Team Cozy: UNYFORME x Cooked Up


photo via Hypebeast


Comfort will forever be my motto when it comes to my style. I have GOT to be comfortable! Even on the days when I want to get super dressed up with heels, etc comfort comfort comfort! Anyway if you read my blog consistently you know that sweatsuits are my jam. I love a good one, and menswear ones seem to be so much better than the womens’ ones that I find. Mainly because of the quality and fit.
Anyway enough about my feelings. This morning during my daily scroll of instagram I discovered this collaboration between New York City based streetwear brand UNYFORME and streetwear innovator Frank Cooke of Cooked Up.

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September Goals…



September is here, which naturally means summer is on it’s way out!  This also means I need to start preparing my wardrobe to dress like Kanye in GQ (this is so happening folks). Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Mainly because I feel like you have more versatility in outfits. Also because Starbucks starts rolling out the seasonal beverages, as well as the most important of all… I can bust out my beloved crewneck sweatshirt collection on the regular! All reasons to love the fall. So in order to be prepared for all this greatness that the fall season is going to bestow upon us. The only way to get the most out of it is to write some goals down. So for September mine are the following:

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