Cooking is Stylish: This Thanksgiving…I Had The Answers…

It has been a long time since I have done a food post. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you already understand my passion for good and pretty food. This love for food sometimes doesn’t support my love for fashion because I am not sample size (and working out is not my friend…sometimes) but I love to cook and eat. In my world having attractive food is just as important as it tasting good. My mother taught me this and my grandmother taught her so I have been this way forever. No matter what I cook, I plate my food like it is being served in a restaurant. Visuals are not only important in fashion, they are important for everything! Especially food.
Anyway, this year was my second stab at cooking my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. I must say, I am patting myself on the back and so is the rest of my family. IT WAS GOOD! And Pretty! Here are a couple of tips that I have learned about plating and cooking that I would love to share:

1. Brine your bird: Giving your Turkey a birdbath prior to cooking is the best way to seal in moister and flavor. It also helps with getting that pretty browning towards the end. I did mine over night and included brown sugar in it (Do IT).
2. White Platters. I love white plates and platters. Everything looks better on them, much like a blank canvas, what you put on it is the star of the show. And it looks great in photos. 
3. Decorate your plate! Use as many colors as you can in your food. I head once that in Mexican cooking they always try to use the colors of their flag in dishes. Dress that plate up. 
4. Let your flavors have an orgy. Sounds racy doesn’t it? However letting your ingredients have a party together like marinades or infusing your cooking oils or even using a Ghee (the answer to everything) to cook with will provide your dishes with mouth watering flavor. 
5. Have a signature cocktail: Cocktails are fun, because of the endless possibilities. I just love walking down the aisles of BevMo, looking at the bottles and making drinks up in my head. This year I made a Peach whiskey, Ginger Beer, Cranberry juice concoction that had my whole family lit! (I win!) Get creative, Put it in a cute glass or container and you can win too!
Besides my natural talent I have some great gems that have stepped my cooking game up 1000%. First the NomNom Paleo book and site by Michelle Tran. Her recipes are not only good for you, but flavorful as hell (hello Umami).The second star of my show is Carnal Dish. Resha also known as @Kanyebreast has ALL of the answers. Her recipes are created with such passion attention to detail, and keen sense of flavor. She is incredible! check her out. 
Here are pics from my pretty meal! Happy Holidays!








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