Cooking is Stylish: Plated

Lately work has been so busy. By the time I get home to sit down and blog I am tired of looking at a monitor or do anything else for that matter like cook dinner. So I decided to try Plated, a subscription box program where you have your choice of meat fish or vegetarian recipes. That come with all the ingredients that you need and step-by-step instructions to cook them. Now if you follow my blog you already know that I am a self proclaimed chef. And enjoy cooking and making my own recipes very much. But sometimes I’m not inspired nor have the brainpower to come up with something to cook for dinner so for the last week or so. Plated has definitely saved the day.
The first three recipes that I received were a green spaghetti and meatball dish, a teriyaki trout salad, and a chicken potato and asparagus dish. I must say I enjoyed the trout and the spaghetti dish a lot it will definitely make those again. The third dish I felt like I could’ve made on my own and wasn’t that flavorful (until I added some of my own flair) I like that everything was really easy and quick to make, I could come home and get started cooking eat and move on with my day. I think these boxes are great for someone who is busy and also someone who is just getting in to cooking. I also think this is a great date night activity idea too. Plus I really like a pretty food so the fact that I can make these new dishes and then take great pictures of them to post was a good time. If you are interested in signing up for plated you can go to or download their mobile app they have a great introductory offers that are super affordable and pretty much let you try it for a great price, my first box was three plates for $24. Check out my pictures below and also on my Instagram! If you try Plated let me know what you think!


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